Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Our local hospital is the Queen Elizabeth in Gateshead. If you or a relative are to be admitted and wish to receive Holy Communion or to be visited, please contact our chaplain, the deacon Rev. Peter Jones, on (0191) 4452072, or leave a message for the Catholic Chaplain. If you need a priest to celebrate the Sacrament of The Sick, please ask a member of the hospital staff to 'bleep' the 'Urgent Call Catholic Chaplain'. One of our priests is always on 24/7 call for urgent cases.

Service Times


Holy Mass
Morning 11.00a.m.


Holy Mass
Morning 10:00a.m.
Evening 5.00p.m.


Holy Mass
9.15a.m. and 7.00p.m.


Holy Mass 9.15a.m.
except Friday 6.30p.m.


Available after daily Masses & Saturday 4:15 to 4:45

Reverend Father Jonathan G. Rose

St. Mary & St. Thomas Aquinas' Presbytery,
Stella Road,
NE21 4LR

(0191) 4142749